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On Hold Marketing | Stop loosing your customers in 20 seconds… or less!

Stop and think about something for a second. How much did you spend in advertising to get that one person to call your number? The average cost of 30 seconds of radio is around $31.00, television is a little more, and the newspaper costs around $275 per column inch for a daily ad. Just to make that phone ring!

But, what happens when someone does call and the unavoidable happens… You have to place them on hold to look something up? The average time that a customer will sit on hold, in silence, without feeling frustrated is under 20 seconds.

After 20 seconds… POOF! All of that money spent on marketing is down the drain.


The number of business callers when placed on-hold without messages or music that simply hang up! – CNN

…and over 30% won’t call back…



Seconds are precious in a 24/7 world.

For around the cost of a few radio advertisements…  Don’t miss a chance to connect with customers and make your voice heard. With Audiomatrix, Inc. Voice Solutions, we help you design and execute a messaging strategy, so you can make the most of every moment.

  • 88% of callers preferred sales messages to other hold options; 20% made a purchase
  • Information on-hold increases caller retention by about 40%

Audiomatrix, Inc. | ON-HOLD MESSAGING

MOOD: Front Range | Voice On-Hold

Create a positive on-hold experience for your customers. Retain callers, reduce hang-ups and engage customers with relevant information that makes the time fly by.
+ Reduce perceived wait time and keep callers on the line
+ Increase awareness about products and services
+ Highlight promotions and supplement marketing efforts


Don’t let these precious seconds waste away…  tick (customer lost)… tick (another customer lost)… tick (yet, another customer lost…