For over 55 years… and three generations, Audiomatrix, Inc. continues to provide commercial audio|video systems, fully-licenced commercial business music, crystal clear drive-thru communication systems, paging and general announcing | dispatch systems, custom voice messaging on-hold|in-store.

Audiomatrix, Inc. strives to provide consultation, recommendations, engineering, warranty management, demonstrations, turnkey installations and both time-tested and expandable, straightforward solutions using these products.

While we recognize that there are many outlets to obtain sound, video and communications products, we also realize that there aren’t that many that can provide your business with 55+years of customer service experience!


Company Certifications

Audiomatrix, Inc. is a low voltage certified contractor in the State of Wyoming. We are properly licensed in other jurisdictions within the state to carry on the work of an Electrical, Low Voltage Contractor.

Additionally, we maintain various vendor certifications for the successful completion of factory issued technical training and installation courses necessary to design and sell the manufacturers’ products.

We are also members of various industry specific and general business organizations which assist us in operating our business within the highest standards possible.

Audiomatrix, Inc. holds the following certifications and memberships:

  • Low Voltage Licenses and Identifications:
  • Wyoming Dept. of Fire Prevention & Electrical Safety
    • Low Voltage Contractor General License # LV-G-67
  • City of Cheyenne Building Contractor’s Trade License
    • Class C-2 Low Voltage License # 10-00009826
  • Natrona County Building Dept., Casper, Wyoming
    • Electrical Low Voltage Contractor License # ELVC-007
  • Contractor’s Board of Licenses & Appeals
    • City of Casper, Wyoming
      • Electrical Low Voltage Contractor Identification # 50

Memberships and Affiliations:

National Systems Contractor’s Association (NSCA)

IPMA WebsiteNational Systems Contractors Association

International Planned Music Association (IPMA)

Manufacturer’s Certifications:

  • Bose Professional Systems Control Space Certification
  • Bose Professional Systems Freespace E4 certification
  • Bose Professional Systems BMS & ENG Systems Design certification
  • 3M Wired & Wireless Communications Equipment certification
  • 3M Wireless Digital Communications XT-1 systems certification

U.S. Government Registrations:

CCR (Central Contractor Registration)

WAWF (Wide Area Workflow) registered 1-4-11

ORCA (Online Representations and Certifications Application) registered 2-26-10

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