Audio Matrix


Audiomatrix, Inc. is always looking for qualified candidates to join our incredible team of technicians, salespeople, customer service, and more…

We insist on employees that are responsible, well-spoken, honest, and reliable and those who have a proven record of an excellent work ethic.  We value our employees and reward them for the exceptional service they provide to us.  We believe we have created a true “team” atmosphere here at Audiomatrix, Inc.

With Audiomatrix, Inc. our passion and creativity shown in the way we work!  We seek only people who share the same passion so that we can create lasting experiences that our client’s customers and employees will remember.

Below is a downloadable employment application that you may print out, complete, and email to us.  We maintain all applications on file and may contact you should we feel you have what it takes to become the next member of our team.

If you feel you fit this profile, please download the attached WORD file and email it to

Audio Matrix

Application for Employment

Please download the Microsoft Word document, fill out completely and follow the
directions for submitting. Thanks for your interest… Rockstar!