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Background Audio System

Audiomatrix, Inc. combines the very best audio and video manufacturer brands with deep industry expertise and a broad range of capabilities. Regardless of size, scope or architectural design, you can feel confident in relying on Audiomatrix, Inc.’s 55+ years of experience and excellence.


Audiomatrix, inc. | outdoor patioaudiomatrix, inc. | stadium soundthe right background audio & video system plays a critical role in creating the experience you desire for your business. From retail to restaurant, even outdoor stadiums and everything in between, audiomatrix, inc. Has the ability to cover the needs and expectations of the business.

How it works

Klipsch whitewhen it comes to audio & video integrated systems, there is no such thing as one size fits all! We partner with our manufacturers to bring audio, video and integrated technology solutions to our clients by involving them in the consultation, design, equipment evaluation and purchasing process. After all, the main reason you select a commercial audio & video company is you are looking for guidance. With over 55 years… and three generations of experience in installing commercial sound systems, audiomatrix, inc. Has the experience that counts.

Audiomatrix, inc. Can complete your project with clarity and purpose, and we’ll deliver a system that meets your specific needs. You can be assured that your project will be installed and managed professionally. Plus, in the rare case your system should ever fail, we have comparable loaner equipment we can loan you while your equipment is being repaired.

Experience where its needed!

At audiomatrix, inc. We engage in literally hundreds of sound system design projects per year, ranging from standard designs to those much more complex requiring the use of manufacturers’ specific product software programs. Our engineering team keeps current on the latest technologies and audio concepts used in the industry to provide the best solution for our customers.

Audiomatrix, Inc.’s 7 Key Criteria

We believe it is crucial to have the appropriate input from all customer personnel who will be using the sound system. It is through their comments and suggestions that we are able to develop a solution that best suits the customer’s application.

Every design is required to make use of proven audio technologies. At Audiomatrix, Inc. we do not experiment with beta products or those without a track record of reliability and total functionality. Customers can be assured what is proposed will work.

All designs will make use of current manufacturer’s product that is state-of-the-art and verified with respect to technical support and warranty coverage.

Our sound systems are designed to be extremely user-friendly and operational with a minimum of adjustment and user intervention, based on the application. We strive to develop systems that reduce customer downtime and virtually eliminate operator error.

Each design must include appropriate future expansion capability. Cabinets that house product will always have a little extra room in the event a customer wishes to add another amplifier or CD player in the future. Amplifier specifications will include the necessary overhead should the customer need to add a few additional speakers down the road. Mixers will be designed with a few more channels than currently needed to accommodate the addition of extra microphones or music sources later. These are a few examples of the many expansion capabilities incorporated into every Audiomatrix, Inc. sound system design.

Prior to any proposal to a customer, each Audiomatrix, Inc. sound system design gets thoroughly evaluated and screened for technical accuracy. This benefits the customer by receiving a double-check of the design and improves our in-house efficiency should the proposal become a live order.

At Audiomatrix, Inc. we understand how sound systems are both used and abused. Our designs are required to be rugged especially where there are connections to the system to be made and unmade on a regular basis. All connections make use of the top industry-standard components and all systems are properly designed to withstand more than typical usage and to provide continued operation in the harshest of environments.

Engineering and installation

Engineeringmodeler-300x224the engineering department at audiomatrix, inc. Prides itself on custom solutions for hard to solve audio and communications projects. Coupled with extensive product knowledge, a sophisticated network system to provide access to product research and outstanding relationships with our supplier’s technical support teams we can develop solutions quickly and effectively.

Our large facility allows us to set up and test our solutions as we develop them. We have the room, both indoors and outdoors to assemble the largest of systems and measure their performance to ensure they will meet customer demands.

One of the areas in-house is dedicated to computer modeling. Using custom software connected to a large flat panel monitor, our engineers can simulate the positioning of various loudspeakers within an environment and render the project to determine coverage patterns, speech intelligibility, and overall system performance. Additionally, 3d environments can be displayed and shown to customers prior to incorporating products into their design.

For auditioning system components, we have a large demonstration room that allows our customers to listen to any number of products with a full complement of bass cabinets and hear the result immediately


Our Engineering Department, in conjunction with our Service Department, is also responsible for the programming of various DSP (Digital Signal Processing) products as required for specific customer applications.  Initial programming is usually done in our Service Shop to allow for equipment testing and any specific modifications to be made prior to the field installation.  Front panel lockouts and limits on user controls can be done at this point to simplify customer operation of our systems.

Further fine-tuning and final calibration will occur when the products are actually installed on-site and prepared for use.


Bid specifications

Another function of the engineering department at audiomatrix, inc. Is the creation of a bid specification. Customers that require a system design in a format that can be submitted to other companies to bid on can contact us for assistance in creating this. Each bid specification written by audiomatrix, inc. Will include at least the following:

This includes the manufacturer, model number, part number, color specifications and quantities.

The block diagrams detailing system connections.

A 2D drawing showing equipment cabinet details, product positioning within the cabinet(s), cabinet(s) dimensions and power requirements.

If required, Audiomatrix, Inc. can supply speaker and/or music zoning charts using customer data for areas designated by the client or architect firm.

Audiomatrix, Inc. will provide a total cost for the project materials using the manufacturer’s recommended suggested retail price in order to give the customer a budget price to work from.

All bid specifications will include literature on each product utilized as part of the project along with specific data sheets for those products.

Audiomatrix, Inc. will provide a complete list of acceptable product substitutions where applicable is provided.

Other customer requirements can be added to the above list of materials. Bid specifications will be provided in a hard copy binder with electronic pdf versions of most project data also available.