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Clearone Huddle Systems

So, you’ve been tasked to create a perfect video conferencing room for your business. But, you’re in IT and there are a million options on configure this. Then the boss says, “Oh, and remember to make it easy so that literally everyone can use it and we don’t have to call you every time we turn it on…” We get it! Right about now you’re ready to pull your hair out and give up. This is impossible… Right?!

We’ve been there! And, we know how to help. In fact, we bring over 55 years of experience to make sure your project works perfectly time after time… after time. And, we also can make the impossible happen with making it easy for everyone to use it!


With our partner ClearOne and their CONVERGE® Huddle system. This system is a perfect fit for your needs and offers the latest in ACOUSTIC ECHO CANCELLATION AND NOISE CANCELLATION. Yep, we’ve sat through those wonderful video conferences where the speaker’s microphone keeps echoing every single time they talk. And, we remember taking some aspirin after it, too! Seriously, you don’t have to endure that anymore. Just give us a call night now and we will show you how simply the system will work for your environment!

Need something to take to the boss real quick? Here’s a few highlights you can share…

  • Connects to ClearOne or all third-party peripheral devices, such as microphones, speakers, cameras, and display screens.
  • Comes with latest Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Cancellation audio processing algorithms
  • Single clutter-free connection via USB 3.0 to laptop
  • Default configuration makes installation fast and simple
  • User-friendly CONSOLE® software
  • Half rack width, 1RU rack height
  • Mounts under table, behind display, on wall, using VESA, or in rack.
  • Applications such as Spontania®, Skype® for Business, GoToMeeting™, WebEx® can easily be used through a single cable connection to devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Did we mention that we’ve got you covered? Yep, you should probably call us TODAY!



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