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Nurse Call

Nurse call and emergency call solutions for skilled nursing and assisted living communities

Audiomatrix, inc. Is an expert in the design and installation of nurse call and emergency call solutions. We partner with tektone to design a system to perfectly meet your needs whether you are skilled nursing or an assisted living community. When a critical system is needed such as a nurse call or emergency call solution, be sure to call the experts at audiomatrix, inc., today!

Nurse Call Solutions

Audiomatrix, Inc. utilizes TekTone UL Listed nurse call systems that meet the critical needs of skilled nursing and assisted-living communities. Commonly referred to as the call bell or call light system, nurse call systems are the critical communication link between your residents and caregivers.

Audiomatrix, Inc. ensures systems are easy to use and maintain. They feature customizable peripheral devices, sleek, touchscreen master stations, and high-quality two-way voice communication options. There is a wide range of nurse call solutions, and Audiomatrix, Inc. will ensure that one is designed specifically for your needs and meets your requirements.

We offer:

  • Hard Wired Solutions
    • Options include three levels of tones and lights (routine, emergency, and CODE/FIRE) notifications
    • Master Nurse Station Solutions
    • Dome light Solutions (Sconces)
    • Two-way Communication Solutions
  • Wireless Solutions
    • Highly Configurable Options
    • Portable Pendant Options

How It Works

Assisted Living and Independent Living Facilities usually have a campus-wide call system to notify caregivers from a personal pendant or emergency button push/pull solutions. The systems specified for these types of communities are usually referred to as emergency call systems or personal emergency response systems. Call system requirements in assisted/independent living communities vary but may be mandatory in some states. Assisted living communities may prefer a combination of Tek-CARE wireless and wired technology, with pull-cord stations, call buttons, and wireless pendants to ensure staff members are notified efficiently and quickly.

Wireless and wired Tek-CARE life safety systems are a perfect solution for assisted/independent living communities. Audiomatrix, Inc. will design a system that fits perfectly with your needs. We look forward to working with your community for a perfect fit, today!

Residentguard & Access Control Solutions


Protecting “at-risk” residents from the threat of elopement has become a high priority for skilled nursing, and assisted living and rehab communities. The ResidentGuard solution provides flexible and reliable wander management protection that seamlessly integrates with your community’s access control and door security systems.

Audiomatrix, Inc. takes a caring role and a protective role for your community. After all, 60% of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia will wander. The average out of court wandering settlement is over $400,000. Therefore, contact Audiomatrix, Inc. today for a design that meets your needs and protects you and your residents.

Access control solutions are also the expertise of Audiomatrix, Inc. Take your security to the next level with electronic access control for healthcare facilities. Audiomatrix, Inc. partners with Accutech and offers Accutech Access for enhanced electronic access control capabilities and advantages such as scalability, simplicity, system status, and advanced global reporting. The system is directly integrated into the ResidentGuard wander management and can integrate into additional security systems when scaled to the Accutech Integrated platform. Experience improved visibility with customized floor plans that show access control and wander management doors and functionality, credential management from multiple sites, and live activity view.