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At Audio Matrix, our vision is a world that’s “safe, comfortable, and sustainable”—and our broad set of innovative security products and services focuses on what you need to make people, facilities, and assets safe.

We offer everything from access controls to intruder prevention, from video surveillance to cybersecurity. Operating in more than 150 countries with a global set of partners, we leverage the latest technologies to integrate our products and services into comprehensive, holistic solutions. We maximize safety, improve efficiency, and ensure business continuity, while at the same time innovating continuously to offer leading-edge solutions.

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Security doesn’t sleep, but no one can stay vigilant for threats to your business around the clock. You need a range of interconnected tools that notify you of problems and let you take command of any situation, whether you’re on-site, whether you’re down the road, or across the country.

Audio Matrix ’ integrated security systems empower you to remotely monitor and control your buildings’ security, from video surveillance to alarm systems to user access and more.

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