Audio Matrix

Video Conferencing

Audiomatrix, Inc. is the area’s expert in the design and installation of professional video conferencing systems for businesses. We completely understand that the last thing you want to do is to have to switch this… and push that… and connect through here… We’ve all sat through those types of conferences. Why? Let Audiomatrix, Inc. design a system that works for your business and is as easy to use as you would expect it to be.

How It Works

Audiomatrix, Inc. offers the best in video conferencing solutions from ClearOne, BSS Audio, and others. We want to design a system that is versatile for your office and takes all of your equipment into consideration and make it actually work… and get this… easily work!

We offer solutions for Huddle rooms, Small Conference Rooms, Large Conference Rooms, and HUGE Gallery Rooms using the following:

Echo Cancellation and Acoustical Control Solutions
Beamforming Microphones Solutions
Professional Projection Solutions
Professional Television Solutions
Professional Camera Systems
Professional AV Networking Solutions
Professional Switching Solutions

Did we mention that we do this professionally? We offer professional solutions for your video conferencing needs, not just an upgraded zoom meeting. After all, you want to have the best professional image you can for your business, let Audiomatrix, Inc. ensure that you have the best professional video conferencing solution to portray that image with your clients around the globe… easily!

Experts in Video Conferencing Solutions

Audiomatrix, Inc. is a proud partner with many manufacturers including ClearOne and BSS Audio. Additionally, we’ve been in business for over 55 years with 3 generations! Imagine how we have seen audiovisual equipment change. Our experience has shown us what is good and bad when it comes to equipment. We know how to design, implement, install, and maintain your system for many… many years to come.

Additionally, we know how to integrate your equipment into a system that works for you.

Video Conferencing Integration

Let Audiomatrix, Inc. show you how easy it is to manage your AV network.

CONVERGENCE software is a unified AV network management platform to monitor, control, and audit ClearOne Pro Audio and Video products and services.
Remote real-time system access provides at-a-glance and all-inclusive dashboard views.
Unlimited scalability designed to support organizations of any size.
Two levels of access — a secure administrator level for full access and a viewer level for monitoring.
Provides a powerful and elegant user interface on any browser from desktop to mobile.
Stay up-to-date with email notifications.
Search, sort, and filter to find what you need quickly.
Efficient batch firmware updates on multiple audio or video devices at once.
Download, back up, or restore project files simultaneously for multiple CONVERGE® Pro 2, Huddle devices, and their P-Link peripherals.
Provision CONVERGE Pro 2 VoIP lines and view VoIP registration status.
Configure and manage COLLABORATE® Live codecs and COLLABORATE Space user accounts.
Supports integration with third-party management systems via RESTful web service interface.
Download device logs and reports for devices, users, histories, and calls.
View the interface in one of twelve languages.